Local and national data indicates that our region (Turlock and the Central Valley as a whole) is significantly underserved and in dire need of primary care physicians and nearly every other medical and surgical specialty.

The Tower Health and Wellness Center began development in 2002 and opened in 2005.  From its inception, the goal has been to recruit exceptional physicians to Turlock and its surrounding communities. The barriers of successful recruitment are nearly always economic. Physicians completing their training and looking for a place to practice are often saddled with academic debt that exceeds $250,000. This financial burden limits their options to large healthcare systems, who have the resources to offer debt forgiveness, contract bonuses, moving expenses, etc.  This leaves smaller medical practices and communities such as Turlock at a significant disadvantage.


Why THIS Was Created

Tower Health Initiatives and Services, Inc. (THIS) was created to mitigate the recruitment barriers.  Community leaders, local businesses and patients who prefer to receive their healthcare services locally and delivered under the Tower Health & Wellness Center's medical home model have continuously requested that we add physicians who offer the four A's of quality healthcare: Accessibility, Availability, Affordability and Acceptability. The Tower's limited resources as a collaborative collection of private physicians have prevented it from being financially competitive against the large provider organizations, hospitals and insurance systems.  We have learned that it is not necessary that we match the recruitment efforts of others dollar for dollar, but we must offer the newly minted physicians a way out of their financial quagmire.

Securing Community Healthcare

THIS was created following the model that other organizations have successfully utilized to recruit new healthcare providers to their community.  As a non-profit organization, THIS offers a vehicle whereby an individual or corporation can provide tax deductible contributions that will be utilized to mitigate the economic burdens of the newly recruited providers. In exchange they will commit to providing professional services to our community for a specified length of time.  Bolstering the healthcare professional population in our community not only secures access to quality healthcare by adding depth and breadth to our available providers, THIS will be preserving our community's economy as well.


How THIS Will Work

All Contributions will be tax deductible and will support the recruitment effort, provide into practice allowances, academic debt relief or other identified solutions to the recruitment and retention barrier.  Depending on the individual needs, each solution will be tailored to make the efforts flexible and successful.  The expectation is that the new provider will permanently choose our Community to practice and raise their families once completing their contract. THIS' goal is to identify and provide the necessary resources to recruit and retain healthcare providers each year until the healthcare service needs of our community are met.  We will strive to maintain our mission for generations to come.



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